Reconnectyounow InformationI have been working with healing energy since 1987 using Usui Reiki levels one and two. During that time, I gave healing sessions to just family and friends. Another by-product of Reiki was a decision to return to school for Radiology Tech training and licensing. I have been working as a Radiology Tech for over 23 years, with licenses in both N.Y. and CT. About four years ago my wife, Ginny had an interest in Reiki, which had also re-sparked my interest. In a short time, I had obtained my Master/Teacher certification in Usui Reiki and shared an office with Ginny. I didn't stop there. I was attracted to the simplicity of Lightarian Reiki, which is a type of Reiki that uses no symbols. Although I had more energy I could deliver my clients, I still wasn't quite satisfied. I intuitively knew there had to be something more or better suited for me to work with.

So, in November 2014 I attended an introduction seminar of The Reconnective Healing by Dr. Eric Pearl. I had read his first book and was eager to see what he was like. I walked away still not quite convinced, although through his seminar, I did learn of his second book, Solomon. This book was the clincher for me.

I looked for his next workshop in my area. I took levels one and two in a five day series. I also had the Reconnection at that time. I was really enjoying the training and being around like-minded people. The final day I had the good fortune of having the opportunity to give a mini 15 minute session to a volunteer. Unfortunately my volunteer never showed, but I did get the opportunity to work with one of the T. A.'s (thanks Katie). Yes I was nervous, but fought any prejudgment of any result or abilities I had or didn't have. I got all the registers. I felt such a pure joy and excitement of finally arriving to the place I longed for. I knew this is what I've been searching for all along.

I love being of service. I look forward every day to meeting and assisting all the people the Universe sends my way. I'm leasing an office I found in a beautiful professional space in Valatie, N.Y. It's called Valatie Medical Arts Building. I'll be sharing the building with other Medical and Mental Health professionals.