Reconnective Healing brought light into my life. The changes I experienced were euphoric. I slept soundly and was smiling throughout the day. Reconnective Healing changed how I live my life. I am so much more in touch with how I feel and have even discovered more of who I am as a shining white light. Dave is phenomenal, I felt comfortable and safe at all times. I was open minded and I'm so grateful for such an experience. Give Reconnective Healing a chance.


What an amazing experience I had with Dave Miller and Reconnective Healing. I went in a skeptic and walked away with peace throughout my mind and body. This calm continued for a few days. The experience is hard to explain - I would advise anyone to go and try it for themselves. Looking forward to a second and third session. Thanks so much Dave!


After learning that there was a Reconnective Healing practitioner at Valatie Medical Arts, I read Dr. Eric Pearl's book "The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself". David Miller is a student of Dr Pearl. David is knowledgable, personable and the atmosphere in his office is very calming. I found the experience to be energizing and the effects to be long-lasting. My general outlook has been more positive since this experience.


I entered a drawing at my bank for a free reconnective healing session and actually won a free session! I never win anything, so, I figured this was something that was meant for me to do. I went to Dave's office and he talked with me for awhile before starting the session. He made me feel very comfortableand at ease. During the session I saw beautiful colors and felt very relaxed. I signed up for two more sessions and I'm glad I did. I had been experiencing painmidway down my back and had been dealing with plantar fasciitis for months. After my second session the pain in my back and my foot were much better! After the third session, it was even better yet.


I tried reconnective work because I didn't know what it was . I found it to be relaxing and at first didn't feel any difference . As days went on I noticed a calmer response to life's stressors. I was able to get into a calm state more easily . It was very helpful . I encourage it for anyone!